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There are many interior design styles that are popular in the UK. These include Georgian, Colonial, Georgian/Celtic, Georgian/Jane Austen and Post-Impressionist. Each of these design periods had major influences on interior design, with their own respective style statements. Many people feel that these styles stand the test of time better than other alternatives. This article discusses some of the interior design styles more thoroughly.

If you’re looking to create a traditional home that is full of character and atmosphere, then a typical Georgian design style may be right for you. It is known for its combination of clean lines with period features such as peeling paint and ribbed wallpaper. You’ll find this style very easy to decorate around with lots of lovely architectural details, particularly the cupboards. It really brings a sense of solidity to the interior design and is a favourite amongst homeowners.

A slightly less grand but no less impressive option are the Colonial design. It mixes classic elements with a contemporary feel, using lighter colours on the walls and woodwork to give a very warm and comforting feeling. It’s great if you’re looking to create a living space that feels comfortable and warm. A downside to this design is that it doesn’t have a lot of character so you won’t easily make it look unique or let alone be distinctive.

If you’re looking to create a more spacious feel in your home, then you may like to consider the use of some heavier timber work and heavier materials in your kitchen and bedroom. In the case of the kitchen, this would mean things such as wooden cabinets, tasteful kitchen sinks and over-sized, dark wood furniture. The idea is to give the impression of space without cluttering it up. Dark coloured furniture will give a utilitarian feel to the room and help to balance out the lighter colours in the kitchen and bedroom.

Another great idea that many people like is the use of mirrors in their interior design. These can be used to reflect light, which can make rooms seem bigger. Similarly, mirrors can also help you reflect a sense of depth. You may have seen these types of ideas in films where the characters are often shown standing in front of large mirrors.

In terms of accessories, it can be extremely important for a designer to take their time when selecting what items they purchase. Having too many accessories can often cause a room to appear cluttered and chaotic. Items such as curio cabinets and picture frames can be placed in strategic locations but care should also be taken when it comes to the actual photograph or item itself. A little thought should go into the purchasing of items such as this to ensure you get a truly unique interior design that will really stand out and be appreciated.

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