Industrial Interior Design Ideas

Industrial interior design refers to an artistic approach in interior architecture that takes cues from old industrial workplaces and factories which in recent times have been transformed into sleek residential spaces and lofts. Industrial interior design is often distinguished from conventional residential design by its strong emphasis on modularity, recycling and the use of odd objects. Industrial interior design can also be found in the application of unusual materials used in construction. This is why industrial furniture finds a large part of the current furniture market. Industrial furniture also contributes to the green initiatives adopted by architects designing buildings for homes and commercial spaces.

Industrial Interior Design

A clear example of modern industrial interior design is the open plan kitchen interior with sharp, black and white checkerboard flooring and stainless steel appliances. These elements blend well with the stainless steel appliances being used in the kitchen, which in turn create a modern, streamlined look. The use of these colors and textures in combination with textures that are rough and harsh such as marble, granite and wood is typical of the latest concepts in modern interior design.

Another example of modern industrial interior design ideas is the concrete wall style. This concept has been adapted from corporate office complexes which found it extremely useful in meeting space. In fact, concrete has been used for constructing entire office complexes complete with conference halls, elevators, shops, reception areas and computer rooms. Such walls are often found in urban minimalist buildings as well as in town centres where they are used to separate retail outlets and other business facilities from one another.

The concept of modern industrial interior design ideas is not limited to corporate offices though. In fact, many home owners are now finding vintage inspired styles very useful in improving their living space. This is why the concept of this style is gaining in popularity among residential home owners who want to add some character to their home interiors. For instance, old vinyl chairs that have been painted in neutral colors such as white or grey can be paired with modern sofa sets in colours that complement the colours used in bedrooms. Similarly, wooden bookcases with a country theme can be matched with contemporary furniture pieces featuring steel detailing and iron fittings.

Furthermore, many industrial interior designs feature warehouses and storage units which are sometimes incorporated into large buildings. A great example is a building that features a wide open floor plan with an attached garage. As you walk in the main entrance of such a place, you would notice large open spaces which have been divided by large metal gates. This type of style is known as factory lofts. Similar style can be found in warehouses where storage units have been designed in such a way that they look like an apartment unit yet have the functionality of a shop.

Other great examples of industrial interior design ideas are those related to metals. For instance, a metal loft can be created by incorporating metal girders and pipes on the ceiling of the area. Meanwhile, wood beams may also be used on walls to provide support to wooden floors. Alternatively, metal walls may be incorporated to prevent cold coming in from outside. Moreover, metal may be painted in colors that complement the rest of the house. Thus, the industrial home owner has the option of creating a warm and friendly environment with a distinct feel of individuality.

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