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Our smart home system allows for home automation, voice control and routines. Control your devices by using a voice command “turn on the Lights” or run your routines without physically doing them with our system by programming it into our smart phone app and bring your life and comfort to the next level. Start your morning by saying “good morning” and your personal routine will run automatically which will turn on/off devices you need during your morning routine, Leaving home or going to work? Say “ I am leaving ” and it will run your routine like turn off all the devices in your bedroom, arm the security system and lock your smart door lock automatically or customise what you want it to do. End your day and retire to bed by saying “Good Night” automatically turn off your bedroom lights, close the curtains, turn on the aircon, turn off all devices, lock the door and arm security systems or customise it to your liking.

Voice Command

Use voice command to give instructions and control devices within your home with ease and conviences


Setup and configure your daily routines into the system and have it done with one voice command.

Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistant is powered by Google assistant. Get information about the weather, cooking receipies, dinner suggestions, directions on google maps and even find your phone when you misplaced in your home.

What You Can Integrate

Smart Lights

Convert any existing light fittings into a smart light or use a smart light bulb.

Smart Fan

Convert any ceiling fan, wall fan and stand fan into a smart fan.

Smart Aircon

Convert any aircon into a smart aircon.

Smart Speaker

Integrate any compatible smart speaker into your new smart home system.

Smart CCTV

Integrate compatible smart CCTVs into your smart home and get instant notifications.

Smart Lock

Integrate compatible digital locks into your new smart home system.

Integrate Exisiting Devices

Integrate existing compatible smart devices into your new smart home system with ease, we can convert non smart devices into smart devices with our in house solutions.